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SpaceTop, integrating 2D and spatial 3D interactions in a see through desktop environment. (2011-2013)
Designed and developed by Jinha Lee.
Academic Support: Alex Olwal, Hiroshi Ishii and Cati Boulanger.
Assistance in Software Development: Akimitsu Hogge, John Weiss

SpaceTop is a design and technology solution to fuse 2D and spatial 3D interactions in a single desktop workspace. It extends the traditional desktop interface with interaction technology and visualization techniques that enable seamless transitions between 2D and 3D manipulations. SpaceTop allows users to type, click, draw in 2D, and directly manipulate interface elements that float in the 3D space above the keyboard. It makes it possible to easily switch from one modality to another, or to simultaneously use two modalities with different hands. SpaceTop's hardware and software configurations co-locates these various interaction modalities in a unified workspace using depth cameras and a transparent display. Its new interaction and visualization techniques allow users to interact with 2D elements floating in 3D space and present the results from a preliminary user study that indicates the benefit of such hybrid workspaces.

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* Some part of the Spacetop was formerly presented as See Through 3D Desktop through Microsoft TechForum 2012. On top of its precursor, SpaceTop adds new concepts and applications such as shadow touchpad / CAD, writing, photo editing

Jinha Lee, Alex Olwal, Hiroshi Ishii, and Cati Boulanger. 2013. SpaceTop: Integrating 2D and Spatial 3D Interaction in See-through Desktop Environment. In ProceedingS of CHI 2013. ACM, New York, NY, USA.

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Formal Patent Application Filed, 2012, Jinha Lee, Cati Nicole Boulanger, and Steven Nabil Bathiche, Transparent Display Device.

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